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Cafe shutters-Master bathroom

Affordability, eco-friendliness & countless configurations make Composite Shutters the world’s best-selling shutters.

Norman shutters offer beauty and durability, and offer options to meet almost any need.

Composite Shutters provide you countless options, but also reflect the highest standards of manufacturing. Crafted from a wood-composite material derived from well-managed forests, these shutters are wrapped with a hard coating that gives them incredible durability for a much lower cost than wood shutters. And ideal for rooms with higher moisture exposure.

Client Need

Our client, the an architect, was working with his client, the homeowner. Well-versed in design, he wanted a traditional window treatment for their guest and master bathrooms.

Privacy, of course was also a large concern.  A treatment that was durable for their guest's,  as well as the possible moisture; composite shutters were the ideal solution!

Our Solution

Our designer Rodman, suggested very classic bi-fold cafe shutters.

"Cafe" meaning the overall height of the window treatment covers the bottom half of the entire window.

Composite shutters  

The client loves the natural light and wanted to preserve as much as possible. Both  bathrooms are located on second-story, so a complete shutter was not needed.

This classic cafe shutter, works seamlessly with design of the timeless porcelain bathtub and new-vintage inspired fixtures, not to mention the HIGH wainscoting.Bifold shutters



Cafe shutters create that traditional look that homeowner wanted but also the privacy needed for the bathroom.

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