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Barre Town Middle and Elementary School

“Barre Town Middle and Elementary School is one of Vermont’s largest middle and elementary schools currently enrolling 867 students Pre K-8. The Barre Town community, many years ago, educated its children in small one and two-room school houses. In 1966, the community decided to merge all of these neighborhood schools into one location. The community also decided, in 1971, to expand the original building, adding much-needed space.”, courtesy of

Client Need

"The Barre Town community has a very long, uninterrupted level of support for its school, its children, and its school facility. Evidence of this support can be found the nearly flawless record of passing school budgets, the care of the facility, and the ownership of our own transportation system. There are so many examples of community support." -courtesy of

BTMES gym/auditorium was in need of new stage drapery.

Gordon's to the rescue!

Our Solution

Imagine, a quiet audience: anticipation building of what is on the other side of the curtain. Everyone looking forward to the performance that will be unveiled, momentarily.

-Will Tommy remember the words?

-Annabelle is so shy, hope she doesn't freeze!

-I hope Parker doesn't steal the show, AGAIN!!

Just think of the little ones behind this curtain! All those butterflies & nervous, frigidity feet! Young minds desperately trying to remember the steps, the words or the lines.

Those adorable tiny, shy 'waves' to the parents, grandparents, family and friends.

The fabric selection was taken into careful consideration. Not only for the dramatic, rich aesthetic, but the need to be of inherent fire retardant quality. (you know, building codes and such)

Home of the Bobcats, BTMES' school colors are Green and White.

We selected Crescent Velvet in "Bottle Green". This rich, viridescent hue, will compliment in all dramatic Bobcat stage  performances!

 Box pleats with 50% fullness, lined with black, black-out fabric.

The fullness of the drapery is completely accentuated with the dramatic lighting.


The stage rigging system was something to be seen! Just look at this wooden channel, chain, rope, and buckle system?! Isn't that amazing!

We feel so lucky to be a part of this school stage Renaissance and we imagine all the wonderful performances that this drapery will be a part of.

And as they say in showbiz, "Break a leg, kiddos!"

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