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Windows are good for the soul. They let in all that natural light that just makes us feel great. One unfortunate side effect of that beautiful light is glare- whether it is on your computer monitor, the television, or just when you’re sitting by your favorite window trying to read your book (or Kindle!).

Although pretty much any product that you put on a window will cut the glare, window film and many roller shade fabrics were designed specifically to deal with glare in the most unobtrusive way possible.

Our Window Film is the most high-tech in the industry. Several kinds we offer are made with ceramics and have minimal metals so you have optimal see-through, drastic glare reduction, and almost no bounce-back light that you can experience with more standard films. Learn More

Specialized Roller Shade fabrics are made with metalized backing so that light is bounced back outside instead of being allowed to come into the room. The see through on these fabrics is phenomenal so you can still enjoy your view without dealing with the glare! Learn More

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