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    Is it getting hot in here?

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    or is it just me? *wink*

    download is cashing in on “Climate Fiction”.

    Bringing our worst nightmares, to the front of our worrisome minds.

    The film premises are gratuitous……….

    yet, based in science…



    sad truths.

    day after
    Global warming triggers, tsunami, tornadoes+ hurricanes.


    Earth stood
    Humans wasteful ways cause an alien invasion.
    Polar ice caps meet their inevitable demise and flood the Earth.
    A lonely tale of a small robot, cleaning up the waste of LAZY humans.


    Let’s not even start on the stark documentaries out there.


    And here’s a Wiki list of all the climate/global warming documentaries.

    One thing’s for sure, natural disasters will keep happening, in movies and sadly in reality. Cli-Fi movies, beg us (even if some of it, is rubbernecking) to wake up and pay closer attention to climate change. Granted, global warming isn’t going to be fixed by watching movies, but it’s a great way to start this important conversation.





    But what does “Environmentally Friendly” mean in relations to Gordon’s shades and how do they make a difference in the world,  maaaaaan?!


    Fuel, we all need it, be it oil, propane, or wood. Harvesting those natural resources wreak havoc on our spinnin’ orb. The processing, the burning and disposal of the waste, once “we’re done” with it, is monopolizing our clean air. The ash is in our hair, and in our lungs.

    Gordon’s products SLASH your heating bill, so that you are consuming less fuel. *high five*


    Here’s the other side of the Eco-coin.

    Waste. Landfills. Grossssss……

    It has to go ‘somewhere’.


    If you want products that will last for 15 years or MORE, and therefore staying out of landfills, GORDON’S HAS IT!

    If you want a product made from recycled material, GORDON’S HAS IT!

    If you want a product that can be recycled, OHhhHHHH GORDON’S HAS THAT TOO!

    If you want a product that was made right here in VT by Vermonters, GORDON’S HAS IT!


    Whatever your definition of Environmentally Friendly is, chances are, GWD have a product that will fit the bill. <–literally.

    This is a profound piece of art by Isaac Cordal. Politicians discussing global warming.

    "Climate change 4" by Isaac Cordial
    “Climate change 4” by Isaac Cordial

    Let’s be the change.

    Let’s leave this place, better than we came into it.

    Let’s work together.

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