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Our Team of Experts

  • Penny Hope

    Penny Hope has been installing our custom window treatments since 2008 and has become an expert in that time. She installs everything from window film to complex draperies and she does it all with a smile!

    “I get to install a lot of the soft treatments like draperies and valances so seeing the difference fabric makes to a room is always really exciting.”

    What are customers say:

    “They’re beautiful!  And Penny, who installed them, worked quickly and diligently.” – Eileen R., Richmond, VT

  • Felix Hardy

    “If you dream it, I can sew it”

    Felix has been with Gordon’s since 1989.

    “Your designer saved my Roman shades. Felix, you’re a ROCKSTAR! He used my Roman shade by splitting it into 2 cornices! Installation was very prompt and CLEAN! I chose to work with Gordon’s because of the quality. ” -Ann Tanis





  • Rob Osborne

    Rob has been with Gordon’s for over 5+ years now. He started manufacturing our EcoSmart Roller shades and international/domestic shipping department.

    What made your choose the window covering industry?

    I choose window covering industry for a change. I had been doing advertising sales for years and needed a change of pace.

    What inspires you?

    My son Tucker inspires me, a positive reinforcement in my life.. He’s what makes me tick.


    What word best describes you?



    Is there anything you would like to add?

    “I enjoy the job and the staff is second to none!!!”


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