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Our Team of Experts

  • Jody Gouwens

    Jody is a native second generation Vermonter and came to Gordon’s in September of 2014. She is giddy to work for a small, family business. She’s all about buying local!

    Jody also wears many a fancy hats here at Gordon’s. Recently she has moved into advertising, marketing and all things social. She’s the house photographer, bringing her 24 years of field experience to us. As she always says, “If you don’t look good, I don’t look good.” (a la Vidal Sasoon advertising in the 80’s).

    In my downtime, I like to…:

    “Going to museums. theater, photographing events and people, traveling as MUCH as possible and seeing live music, especially the band moe. My husband and I met on tour. 

    We’re a moe.mance! Peace, maaaaan! 

    Also cruisin’ in her vintage VW beetle convertible, named Velma for a spin.

    My favorite word is:

    “Awe man, they gotta be ‘smitten’ or ‘giddy’, depending on the moe.ment.”


    If you could have dinner with anyone past or present, who would it be and why?:

    “It would be a dinner PAR-TAAAY! Oh let’s see…Stephen Colbert, Nietzsche, Kafka, Anthony Bourdain, Christopher Lloyd, Alphons Mucha, Robert Plant, Gustav Klimt, Gene Wilder, Rene Lalique, Michael Hutchence, Robert Mapplethorpe, Ani Difranco, David Byrne, Bill Murray, Marina Abramovic, Alan Alda, Jim Morrison, Diane Arbus, Jon Stewart, Steve Diet Goedde, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Charles Mackintosh, Melody Gardot, Victor Horta, Frank Lloyd Wright…this list could go on and on and on and on….”

    I support local…

    “Because growing up in a VERY small town in Southern Vermont, I knew from the beginning that every dollar spent was a vote for the world I wanted around me. Supporting families, neighbors & friends.”

    Drop her a love note: [email protected]

  • Kathie Kimball

    Kathie joined Gordon’s in 2015 as the Accounting Manager.(She’s AMAZING!)

    After graduating from Castleton State College with her degree in Accounting and Management, Kathie went on to Boston University to complete her Master’s degree in Financial Services.

    Kathie is very excited to be part of a Vermont-based family-owned company that is just as passionate about Vermont as she is. YAY Vermont!


    In my downtime, I like to:

    “Spend time playing with my two Australian Shepherds, Bentley and Envy. They are so full of energy and are always happy. They are so much fun to be around. I take them with me wherever I possibly can. I can be found camping, riding my motorcycle(it is so choice) or snowmobile, skiing or spending time with my family and 2 dogs.”

    My favorite word is:


    If you could have dinner with anyone past or present, who would it be and why? 

    “My mom, because we always have great conversations that leave me feeling so happy and blessed. I am all about family and supporting each other no matter what.”


  • Nick Hubbell- Client Coordinator

    Meet Nick!

    He joined the team here in April, as our client coordinator.

    Need an appointment scheduled with one of our design experts? Need service? Or would you like to schedule your installation? Nick’s your guy!

    In my downtime, I like to: Spend time with my wife and sons, and entertain family and friends.

    My favorite word is: resplendent 

    If you could have dinner with anyone past or present, who would it be and why?: Larry David. Because he wouldn’t feel obligated to entertain you, he’d just be Larry. It’d be great.

    I support local… “because in an increasingly global world where everything is a click away, I like knowing that my dollars are helping my neighbors and friends and not some big corporation who doesn’t appreciate my business nearly as much.”

    Do you need Nick’s help?

    [email protected]

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