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25 under 35 in Family Business

Excerpts from article.

Conklin, the chief operating officer* at Gordon’s Window Decor, says she wears, “a ton of hats” at the company, which is based in Williston, VT and was founded by her father, Gordon Clements, in 1986. She manages the retail team, works with her father to shape the vision of the business, develops systems and processed and focus\ses on “making sure we have raving fans internally and externally.” …….Conklin says she get satisfaction from “being part of a company that rocks.” She adds, “The fact that it’s my family is the cherry on top.”  Conklin also says she’s delighted to play a major role in setting the direction fo the company at an early age. “If people are nervous about joining the family business, I would advise them to give it a shot, ” she says, “It’s a great way to have an impact on the business as well as the family relationship and see family members in a whole new light.”

*Kelly Conklin was appointed President February 10, 2015



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