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The new kid in-the-blinds

I sat down(we share an office)recently with our new order entry/system processor/inventory specialist -extraordinaire, Chris, on what it’s like to be the ‘new kid in the blinds’…

“Coming out of college, I never really thought much of window décor. In fact, I didn’t even have shades or blinds in my childhood room. To take it a step further, I recently learned how to fluently operate a generic Venetian shade.

The question you may ask is: why did this guy join a window décor company? Well, the answer is simple; I like the idea of jumping into unfamiliar water and trying to swim.

I was born & raised in Connecticut, so moving to Vermont in the past year was an adventure all in itself. Starting a career in an unfamiliar area and field was the adventure I was looking for after graduating college. The risk of this adventure has paid off thus far. Between the team here at Gordon’s and customers, I have met so many welcoming people.  I have learned such niche skills, that most people would have never even known exist. College teaches the basics of being a success in the working world, but I have learned more than any classroom could have taught me just by my experiences at Gordon’s Window Décor.

Chris as Popeye the Sailor man!

I went from “top down bottom what?” to top down bottom up. The extensive knowledge of the product and brand transferred to me from all of the staff was a bit overwhelming yet impressive. Overwhelming in the sense that, I was in an unfamiliar area but the supportive staff was there to ease the transition. It is truly impressive to see the knowledge of the seasoned sales people, the passion of production and everything in between.

After working here for few months I am still very green but I am learning quickly! I know I’m in good hands with my knowledgeable co-workers to learn, grow and contribute to the best of my ability. Needless to say, I am excited for my future at Gordon’s Window Décor and interested to see what my full potential is.”

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