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Crafting with Kim and Gordon’s!

Thanks to Kim Conner and Inspirations Made Simple for the shout out!

We always have scrap cell, roller and drapery fabric ready for YOUR creativity to cut loose!

Email us: [email protected], give us a jingle 802-655-7777, we’ll hook you up!




“If you reside in northern Vermont and are looking for the perfect window solutions, make sure to check out Gordon’s Window Decor in Williston! And while there, don’t forget to ask for a box of fabric scraps so that you can create one of these darling little Christmas ornaments, or come up with your own use!”, said Kim Conner


Create these adorable turkeys with glue, scrap cell fabric, and construction paper.

Use them as Thanksgiving dinner place settings, or make a gaggle for your centerpiece!

Jive turkeys

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