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Buh-bye Betty, we’ll miss you!

Betty wouldn’t want our focused attention, but she needs a formal thank you.

(I can imagine her cringing if and when she reads this…..)

A company gets lucky ever so often with it’s employees. GWD was SURE lucky to find Betty.

Betty Sargent was our OH so organized receptionist-extraordinaire for the last 10 years! She perfected systems down to every last meticulous detail. The definition of punctual in the dictionary has a photo of Betty next to it.

She was ever so passionate about providing impeccable service, diligent notes, and flawless filing. If we needed a 4 x 4 piece of paper in powder blue, she could find you 5 pieces,  in a nanosecond.


We and our customers will miss you Betty.  We could never thank you enough for your loyalty, steadfastness, incomparable organizational skills, and tiny bursts of silliness.

More than likely we’ll never see the likes of ever again!

We wish you nothing but rest, relaxation, and NEVER, ever having to worry about ‘another repair’ ever again!

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