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#_____is why

Why are we walking this Saturday?

Oh you mean, besides the fact that the American Heart Association is AHH-mazing…and we are doing our part to raise some moola for them.

Here are our individual reasons……

11228023_911420722268532_2080808267034958111_nOur showroom director, Jody. #seeinglivemusiciswhy

12009809_911118028965468_5920987895503436456_n Our designer Abigail. #educationiswhy

11228118_909932519084019_2123971848663760393_o Our web guru, Matt. #healthiswhy

12047158_910505242360080_915175009542499616_n Our president, Kelly. #myfamilyiswhy

If you could, drop some coin this way.


YAY! See you at Oakledge Park tomorrow!

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