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Earth Week Celebrations

It’s impossible to not get excited about all the springy, naturey happenings this time of year.  The weather is getting warm, the days are getting long, and flowers are starting to bloom.  We combined Earth Day and Arbor Day into an entire Earth Week and took to the outdoors to say a big Thank You to the Earth!  Check out the photos from our Earth Week adventures!

This past Tuesday, we celebrated Earth Day with a walk to the iconic “Reverence” Whale Tails sculpture in South Burlington.  Perhaps you’ve seen the tails while driving down 89, but did you know you can actually walk the field they’re swimming in and touch them!?  It was great to get some fresh air – and the rain held out till after we returned!

earth day walk 2

The group, setting off towards the Tails.

earth day 3

Too excited to focus on the camera…

In celebration of Arbor Day, we purchased a young McIntosh apple tree from our neighbors down the street at Gardener’s Supply Company, and planted it behind our store!  Our master craftsman, Felix, who doubles as a fabulous on-site gardener, dug the hole to perfection, and the rest of us helped out filling it in, adding the compost and peat moss, mulching, and watering.  It might be a while, but our little tree is going to grow some of the finest fruits in town!  Not to mention it’ll provide nourishment for the local pollinator population – yay!

tree planting 1

Bringing it in for a pre-planting team photo. (Left to right: Erin, Jie, Michelle, Kelly, Kyle, Rob, Abigail, Felix)

observing Felix

The hole has been filled!

mound making

Kelly, Felix, and Erin, creating a moat for optimal water-retention.


Abigail watering while Kyle, Rob, Gordon, and Felix supervise.

gord watering

One final watering from Gordon and it’s ready to grow!

We recognize that we all hold responsibility for taking care of the planet, so Earth Week doesn’t end on Arbor Day for us. On May 3rd, we will be joining legions of Vermonters cleaning up the community for Green Up Day!  If you see us picking up litter on Leroy Rd that day – give us a wave!

We are also proud to declare the eco-friendliness of our products as well as our continued reduction of paper usage and introduction of a compost system at the facility. Our EcoSmart Insulating Shades and Energy Saving Sidetracks cut heating bills and shrink energy consumption.  The materials we use, for even more than just the Insulating Shades, hold their integrity for 10+ years so they stay out of landfills.

We invite you to share your own Earth Week adventures and let us help make your home even more lovely and eco-friendly!

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