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Springtime DIYs for the Weekend

By this time of year we’re all itching for a change.  While the questionable weather might keep us confined to the indoors a little bit longer, there are still plenty of weekend projects to stave off cabin fever and start giving our homes a little spring lift.  These five DIYs are fun, easy, and effective.  And let’s face it – once the warm weather hits we’ll be too busy soaking up the sun to want to work indoors anyway!

1. Swap out your sink faucet.  Similar to how an uncluttered table or spotless stovetop instantly cleans up a room, a fancy faucet can add tidiness and individuality, while drawing the eye from a sometimes not-so-glamorous sink basin.

2. Apply a new backdrop to shelves.  Why just showcase the books when you’ve got all that undecorated space at your disposal?  Use contact paper, scrapbook paper, paint, or your favorite fabric to show off your personal style.  Go as subtle or as dramatic as you’d like!


3. Build “book” shelves.  Use cloth or leatherbound books with good spines to create a grouping of mounted shelves for lightweight objects!  You’ll need two sets of brackets per book: one set for below the books and a single bracket for above.  Measure the thickness of each book, drill in the brackets, and slide each book between the brackets.  Talk about coming full circle!


4. Add hanging storage for bikes and sleds.  All this takes is a hook and some empty wall or ceiling space, and voila!  Instant bonus space.  This tip makes me think of a passage from The Journal of Henry David Thoreau:  “Before the woodchuck comes out the sled goes in.  They dwell at the antipodes of each other.  Before sleds rise woodchucks have set.”  Don’t confuse the woodchucks – hang up your sled!

5. Replace window treatments.  Are your kitchen shades stained?  Has the sun bleached out your living room curtains?  Are you just looking to revamp your style? An easy way to instantly breathe new life into the room is to replace old window treatments.


There are dozens more weekend projects you can take on, and each home lends itself to its own unique opportunities.  What brilliant tricks can you think of to do in yours?

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