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Signs of Spring

We were treated to a particularly delightful sight by the side of our building today.  More than a dozen robins, I repeat, robins, were feasting upon softening crab apples right outside one of our production rooms!  I’m not going to ask them what they’re doing here a month early, but they are welcome to stay, and are right on schedule with our own harbingers of sunnier weather – springtime fabrics!


It’s amazing what diversity you can find in fabrics so bright and cheery.  Whether you’re classic as a crocus, funky as a daffodil, or as fresh as an April shower, we’ve got something to suit your vernal side.


The bird/vine fabric would be a great addition to a room that already loves to be bright. The greener fabric could be worked into many different color schemes.


This watercolor flower fabric is just precious, while the other ornate fabric harmoniusly balances softness and color.


This eye-catching pattern in lapis is growing popular, but we’ve still got the basics covered!

 While we might be in for another snowstorm or two, it’s always great to see little reminders of what lies not too far ahead.  Stop in to see what our full range of springtime options can do for you!


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